Leftfield - Leftism

Leftfield - Leftism - 1995

Sony Music

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Dub, TripHop, House

In my opinion this album is a masterpiece. It was a mind-opener for electronic music. It contains a little of everything. The song Original was their reference to the ongoing TripHop movement. Inspection Check One is fat stomping dub anthem and Storm 3000 blasts right away. There's no bad track on the entire album. I played this record so many times, it's a wonder it didn't get transparent. I still love it. They had some guestsingers on this album. One was Sexpistol singer John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten who contributes shouts on Open Up. Afro-Left is sung by Djum Djum who already was part of the 92 Leftfield album Backlog.