Madrid De Los Austrias - El Pibe EP

Madrid De Los Austrias - El Pibe EP - 2004

Sunshine Enterprises

Design by Mark Glassner


Madrid de los Austrias consists of the DJ Heinz Tronigger and the sound wizard Pogo. Heinz Tronigger is the founder of Sunshine Enterprises, which is an independent music company running two clubs in Vienna (Passage / Roxy). Pogo on the other hand is a gifted instrumentalist and a demanded studiomusician in Austria. Pogo toured all over the world with his band adn played back in the days with the legendary Falco. He also produces Nigel Hayes for the Sunshine Enterprises label. Heavy vino tinto, flamenco and other typical andalusian flavours inspired the MDLA duo to their sound excursion combining a laid back laissez faire feeling with exotic rhythm shades.