Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

Jaydee - Plastic Dreams - 1992



Throughout the Dance Music scene there are many classics. Many tunes that represent it's own place in time. A hit tune that takes you back to a certain place, a certain year, a certain club and a moment that seemed to stand still in time. It didn't matter which part of dance music you liked. It didn't matter if you were a mainstream person or a underground person. It didn't matter if you're new to the scene or old to the scene. In the end, it all comes down to one place, one moment, one song. Take this mental picture for example, you're on the dancefloor at no matter what point in time. A new song is mixed in, it breaks down, it becomes silent. But only for a few seconds, and then it starts to hit you. The bells, the keys being pounded on the Jazz Organ, the house beats. You want to sing along, but you can't. There's no words. It's all instrumental. Yes, it's "Plastic Dreams" by Jaydee. (c) Joey Rivaldo.