Hey there

We're running this station now since May 2007.

Over the last month we've been collecting money to keep Blastfm.ch running.

Without the donations of our listeners this wouldn't be possible. We're glad we can make it for another year.

We gathered together 565 Euros. Once again our friends at smartdynamic.ch will help us.

We could enormously reduce the costs concerning server housing. Special thanks to dmd2.net

But even with this big effort we still have to cut some costs. Means the 128 kbps stream we had for four years will stop at January 7th 2012.

You can still listen to Blastfm.ch on the 192 kbps stream which is offered by a great guy from Frankfurt who wants to stay anonymous. Big thanks to Mr. X.

Best thing is we'll continue to play fat dub beats to you guys. dub and breaks during daytime, minimal house in the evening. Tell your friends, tell your lounge where they can pick up some good music.

These guys are our greatest supporters:

Without this little help from our friends, this wouldn't be possible:

Max B. (D), Christian F.(CH), Steven F. (D), Adam J. (UK), Wolf D. (D), David d.I. (CH), Alain D. (CH), Krischan A. (D), Christopher J. (AUS), Annette B. (CH), Michael R. (D), Aspirtakis A. (GR), Manuel G. (A), Martin L. (CH), Gauthier T. (F), Steven F. (D), Alexandru A. (ROM), Peter F. (D), Christian L. (D), Markus G. (CH), Stefan S. (CH), Travis H. (D), Colin S. (GB), Anton B. (D), Yanko S. (BG), Anita K. (CH), Tom W. (CH) AND we're glad about the donation from smartdynamic.ch ....thanks for your donations!

You can still donate.

You can use paypal or you can pay to our bank (and please let us know who you are):


BEKB, Bern

Rolf Blaser

Konto: 42 3.295.840.08

IBAN: CH51 0079 0042 3295 8400 8

BLZ/Clearing No: 790


PC-Konto BEKB: 30-106-9

If you want to donate by using paypal: